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Read how a Real Amatuer got to No 1 on Google

What is truly amazing about this, I am 78 years old, or young as some people say; for, fortunately I have some spare time. As someone who needs something to do to keep busy, I took up marketing on the internet. .

I started out buying into everything in sight, however, most of it was beyond me. PHP and My SQL or something or other, did not make much sense to me.

I joined an affiliate program to see if I could make a few dollars, I don’t do too bad, as I am still with the same company. I do all right, not because I had any success marking with safelists or advertising through the classifieds, my success came from what they call the 3ft rule.

I have to say this, after a while it got to the point where I was not happy doing it, some people do it very well, but, I am one of those people who would prefer not to be rejected so often. Maybe I have a thin skin.

I had to do it another way. I have been told, get a list, well I tried and failed miserably. Seemed I got a few and as fast as I got them they disappeared. Many of you Guys and Gals out there know what I mean. Therefore, as that did not work for me I looked around for something else.

Then someone did me a favor, someone mentioned articles. The person said get yourself a niche, something to do with the Company you are affiliated with.

As it happens, writing was right up my alley. Many years ago, my Grandfather had told me stories of how he fought in the 1914 war. He told me of the conditions while fighting in the trenches in France. How, for months they endured the mud waist high in the trenches, and the only way they were able to get away from it was to cut a slot in the side of the trench and lay down in there.

However, every day or so, they would attack the Germans and gain a few yards, then the next day the Germans would fight and get those few yards back. In the meantime, wounded would lay in no-mans land, unable to be helped by their mates as the snipers picked off any rescue attempts.

Grandfather told me a great lot more of what had happened in his life time, and I got to thinking, it was a shame that his descendants would never know that he even had lived.

Now I come to the point of all this reminiscing, because I felt the information would be of interest to those that follow, I wrote a book, not only of his very interesting life, but I added information of my life as well.

So you now understand, I really did not have any trouble writing articles, so as I said this was something right up my alley.

Well, 10 weeks ago I decided I would give it a go.

I wrote one article about Toxins, then I wrote another, and another, to date I have 20. Even though I say it myself, they are not too bad. This I guess, is not the greatest
subject in the world, however, the state of the world today, with so many obese people who don’t seem to care, the subject has to be of interest.

By the way, you can see some of my articles at

Strange enough, there has been a meeting in Paris by all the Environmental Experts, it seems the Governments are now taking notice of Global Warming. I know here in Canada the Government are concerned, that however is another subject.

As I said previously, I have lots of time on my hands, I next sent the Articles to 150 directories, manually. I know there is software out there that works great, unfortunately, I am not too smart, for I could not get it to work for me.

Anyway, as can imagine it was a lot of work. I kept at it, and at it.

When I was informed about writing articles, I believed that as people read them, they would join my program, and that was all to it. How wrong I was. However something else started to happen, one or two times I found I was getting hits at my site.

I asked around, “how was this happening”, it was explained to me, because of my articles, sites were linking to my site, this happened automatically. I had to have linking explained to me, and I was able to understand that the more links to one’s web site the better ranking on the searches one would have.

By the way, I made a decision early on, I would do this project without spending one red cent. I had made a decision that no money would be spent for anything that concerned the net. I wanted to prove this could be done without spending anything.

I guess I could have put this together as an ebook and charged the usual $47.00 for it, that seems to be the regular price for anything on the web. I decided against that, as I had made a vow I would not spend any more money, and I didn’t want others to spend also.

It is quite an achievement to get to No 1 on Google and spending no money. Oh, that’s a lie, I did spend $1.50 on a Article submitter on eBay, unfortunately it didn’t work. That is something I should mention here, these Article submitters are available for $47.00 (there’s that number again) all over the internet, however you can get them for $1.50 on eBay. The guy told me the one I bought from him worked on his computer, so it could be a good deal.

You really need a submitter for it is a lot of work, believe me.

The 100 or so links coming back to my site from the articles were not enough to do the full job, so I had to come up with a software to do the job for me. Free of course….

I found . This did a great job for me, easy to use, it got 70 extra links in the matter of a couple of hours. Really it is easy as pie. I get more than that, I had 14 requests to link to me, yesterday so it continually builds. I have however learnt, a person has to take the right ones, sites who are dealing with similar businesses as you are involved in. Also it is bad for you to link to Gambling and those sex sites, seems the Search Engines don’t like them. You need to get your page Ranked.

The Page Rank of a web site is determined largely by the importance, or popularity of the site based on the Page Rank of the sites linking back to it. You must take advantage of quality back links to increase the Page Rank of your site.

Why do I need Back links………?

The number of quality back links linking to a site is one of the main criteria used by Google and other search engines to rank and place web sites, This statement written by David Austin in a Feature Column of the Monthly Essays on Mathematical Topics, sums it up “The fundamental idea put forth by PageRank’s creators, Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page, is this, the importance of a page is judged by the number of pages linking to it as well as their importance.

Then I saw somewhere, the more Page Rank links to your site the better, these guys were talking in thousands. I still have quite a lot of work to do. Last time I checked I have over 850 and still going.

As I said, about 4 weeks ago I started to get hits to my site and I have kept records of them, as I wanted to see how they grew.

Once again it was easy going, simple. I now had 20 articles out there to 150 directories and had now 850 sites linking back to my site. Now the next thing was to have a web site that was friendly to the search engines.

A friend of mine has come up with a site, it is not the greatest in the world, but it seems to work as it suits the Search Engines.

The main Keyword I am trying for is Isagenix, I was told, trying for the words weight loss and home business was hopeless, there is no way you are going to even have a chance, therefore I had to do something different.

I therefore decided to make my keywords with Isagenisx ahead of what I knew I couldn’t get going straight for weight loss and home business, here are my results so far by using this method.

ISAGENIX home business... 4th out of 366,000 ****
ISAGENIX Hong Kong, 3rd out of 24,600
are you sure it works, 1st out of 42,800
ISAGENIX Natural Cleanse, 1st out of 86,500
ISAGENIX facts, 2nd out of 29,200
join our team, 1st out of 43,900
ISAGENIX liver cleanse, 3rd out of 15,900
ISAGENIX Leader, 3rd out of 38,700
ISAGENIX proof, 1st out of 16,900
ISAGENIX cleanse, 6th out of 104,000
ISAGENIX Colon Cleanse, 5th out of 37,900
ISAGENIX Natural colon cleanse, 4th out of 22,600
ISAGENIX Work at home, 4th out of 218,000 ****
ISAGENIX 29th out of 695,000
How to use the 9 day plan 2nd out of 37,000

Here is a couple without the Isagenix in front.

Home cleanse 39th out of 1,440,000

And now…..Drum Roll Please………

Natural Cleanse No 7 out of 1,460,000

If anyone would like a copy of the Article Directories that I used, email me at

Visit my site, there is nothing posh about it at all, but it is doing it's job.

I certainly hope that this gives those who want to get to the top on Google, some ideas that help. I wish you good fortune in your efforts, and thank you for reading my article.

Have a great day

Ralph AKA noviorbis

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